VDMFA requires a $100.00 volunteer deposit payable by a post-dated cheque, per player, per season. Cheques will be cashed at the end of the season, ift volunteer hours have not been completed. Please keep track of your volunteer hours to be provided, and verified, at the end of the season. To help us keep participation costs low, it is crucial that we get support from all members. VDMFA's success is directly related to the level of volunteerism we get from our members. There are many opportunities each season, such as: 

  • Board of Directors: Serve on the Board for the season
  • Head Coach/Assistant Coach
  • We have 4 head coaching spots. Once these are arranged, we will ask for the head coaches' assistance with assistant coach designations. 
  • Trainer/First Aid: required for every practice and game (if none, games must be forfeited). First aid equipment is provided by VDMFA. 
  • Team Trainer: Must attend all games.
  • Team Manager: for each division will organize roster, snacks, and liase between member parents and the coaches. 
  • Game Commissioners for home games 
  • Chain gang: Handle the down and yardage markers on the sidelines during the home games. 
  • Snacks: bring a team snack for a game
  • Car Pool
  • Fundraising or Registration Events: with our new fundraising coordinator, there will be even more opportunities to get involved with fundraising. Stay tuned! 



Mentor and Coach with VDMFA

As of March31, 2017, Football Canada has mandated that all coaches must be Safe Contact trained in the latest safe blocking and tackling techniques to be on the field. The requirement applies to any coach of an amateur team or club under Football Canada’s umbrella. Football Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Safe Contact course teaches safe tackling techniques that emphasize making contact with the chest and front shoulder and not the head. It emphasizes a blocking technique that stresses making primary contact with the hands.



In Need of Game Officials


On Behalf of BCFOA

We are always looking for people who have an interest and ability to become quality football officials. If you want to become involved and make a commitment to officiating we welcome your participation. For information on how to become a football official please visit our becoming a referee page here: http://www.bcfoa.ca/become-a-ref