Flag Football is a great way to enjoy all the thrill and benefit of football, without the physical contact of Tackle Football.  The key difference in the game is that players do not wear equipment, and instead of bringing a ball carrier to the ground by ‘tackling’ them, all players wear two flags.  When a defender detaches a flag from the ball carrier's belt, the  play stops. We play 5-players on the field at a time.   


Players will be taught not only the rules of the game, but proper techniques.  They will also be taught and expected to improve their agility & physical strength through stretching, running, and other exercises for sheer health and wellness.  They will learn progressively more complex team formations and ‘plays,’ all of which continue to expand their life-skills.  

2020 Season TBA

2020 Flag Registration

All age groups , One Great Price!


*  Flag season now includes the mandatory use of Softshell Helmets, $100.00 equipment deposit will be required upon receipt of these to the players *