Functional Athletic Strength Training


F.A.S.T. is an athletic development program created by Vernon and District Minor Football to help improve the overall athleticism of its players in the "off" season. 

The F.A.S.T. acronym stands for Functional Athletic Strength Training. 

At the start of the 12 session program each athlete is tested to establish a base line from which to measure their performance improvement.  Then, through a progressive set of drills and exercises that promote the strengthening of the athlete's "power train", perfection of his movement technique, enhancement of his sense of balance, and the speeding up of his reaction time, the athlete grows his ability to perform at a much higher level than at the start of the program. 

This performance is again tested at the end of the program by having the athlete repeat the "base line" tests and comparing the results. It is not unusual for athletes to improve their performance by 12 to 20% and in some rare occasions as much as 30%.  

As each athlete is measured individually and not against his "peers" it is often the least athletic ones at the start of the program that have the largest % of improvement at the end.