F.A.S.T. (Functional Athletic Strength Training)


F.A.S.T. is an athletic development program offered by Vernon and District Minor Football to help improve the overall athleticism of its players in the "off" season. 


At the start of the 12 session program each athlete is tested to establish a base line from which to measure their performance improvement. This year, we have partnered up with Fitness West and their Youth Group focus program with World Gym Athletics. The program is a complete, balanced, inspirational and fun program designed to adapt around functional fitness for all sports and athletes. The program educates proper form to execute exercises safely and efficiently as well as to enhance balance, speed and reaction time. Combining elements for functional fitness body weight training as well as intertwining ropes, medicine balls, jump ropes, light weights, kettle-bells, dumbbells and more.


The program will be lead by BCRPA certified fitness instructors with additional credentials in First Aid, Group Fitness Instruction and Personal Training. VDMFA Representatives will be on site every session.


The objectives are to train hard, move fast, with building head to toe strength, power and endurance helping the athlete grow their ability to perform at a much higher level than at the start of the program. 


Performance is again tested at the end of the program by having the athlete repeat the "base line" tests and comparing the results. It is not unusual for athletes to improve their performance by 12 to 20% and in some rare occasions as much as 30%.  As each athlete is measured individually and not against his "peers" it is often the least athletic ones at the start of the program that have the largest % of improvement at the end.  


F.A.S.T is an effective and fun development program aimed for players ages 10 to 15 that would like to improve their ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE FOR ALL SPORTS 


There are 3 Time Slots available (A, B & C) each with a maximum number of 15 athletes per time slot;


Time Slot A: Monday & Wednesday:  5:30-6:30

Time Slot B: Tuesday & Thursday:  6:30-7:30

Time Slot C: Tuesday & Thursday:  7:30-8:30


Program Duration: February 3rd to March 12th 


Location: Fitness West Gym - 2203 BC-6  Vernon


Required Attire: Proper shoes, gym strip and water bottle is required


Program Cost: $75 payable via e-transfer to heidi@okanaganspirits.com

Registration Info: 

Please email  heidi@okanaganspirits.com the following information;

  1. your child’s name
  2. your child’s age
  3. your desired time slot (A,B or C)
  4. password for your e-transfer

**NOTE: there is a limit of 15 spots available per time slot, once a time slot fills up that time slot will no longer be available.