2018 Provincial 9-man Atom Champions

2018 SIFC 9-man Atom Champions

Corbin L. Elle Memorial Trophy

The Corbin L. Elle Memorial trophy is awarded to the Offensive Lineman of the year from all VDMFA teams.  The recipient is chosen by the coaches based  predominantly on the athlete's sportsmanship, leadership, and attitude, as well as physical play.

Upon the passing of their son, Corbin L. Elle, from a long-term illness, Eric & Caroline Elle, generously provided this award. Corbin loved football and played with VDMFA for many years, along with other sports in the greater Vernon area. As Corbin did, the award recipients are active members in their community, and love playing football. 

Previous Recipients:

  • 2013 - Clayton Hamming 
  • 2014 - Liam Gombrich 
  • 2015 - Jace Beauchamp
  • 2016 -  Liam Gombrich
  • 2017 -  Griffin Morrier
  • 2018-  Shaymus Waterstreet, Rhys Williams, Aiden Desmarais.